Frequently asked questions

What is the different between normal car wash and Euro Standard Car wash?

Carwell is offering High definition car wash with German technology where we save 70% of water consumption on car wash. our standard pressure for car wash is around 200 Bars which gives us fine results in few minutes.

Is Car dry cleaning and Upholstery same thing?

Yes, both are same process. in this process we redress the your car interior in showroom condition where you enjoy bacteria free ride and hygienic healing car. it protect your car from fungal uncertainties also.

What is use of Snow foaming rather than detergent?

Carwell promotes snow foaming as it is not harmful for human as well as car body. it is very eco friendly product with proper shining as well as fast cleaning of your car. normal detergent contains high value of harmful chemicals which is not good for car, environment as well as human body.

what is advantage of PTFE/UV/NENO/CERAMIC coating?

PTFE coating is most popular paint protection technique for short term car shining. it takes 2-3 hours to finish a PTFE coating on a mid size car.
UV coating is the best paint protection formula for light color cars. it gives 3 time better results then PTFE and keep your car in showroom shining condition.
NANO coating is a extra glazing car shining technique which gives mirror look shining to any dark colour car. it has 4 lyre protection on your car body.
Ceramic Coating works on 9H formula which makes your car hard surface with long lasting mirror looking body. this coating is the best available coating in car care industry in the world.

What is use of Anti Rust Coating?

Anti Rust coating is a best under body protection is has two types of coating black coating or rubber coating. it keeps your car under body always safe.

How can i open a car care outlet in my town?

ASince car care market is increasing very rapidly in india and company authorized workshps are not very much available for non technical car care service in the market. their high cost service is also creates some time a thinkable problem. if you are a car lover and want to choose your dreams in this industry you can connect

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